The customs building in the Czechoslovak village Hnanice, burned during the fights on the night of September 21-22, 1938

The customs building in the village Hnanice

The customs building in the Czechoslovak village Hnanice (Hnanicích), in the region of Znojmo, South Moravian Region, burned during the battles against the German armed forces who attacked the city on the night of September 21-22.
In this battle, an intelligence officer of the Czechoslovak 24th Infantry Regiment was killed, Lieutenant Otmar Chlup, whose funeral resulted in an anti-Nazi rally.
The fighting in the area continued until September 26. The losses of the German side were estimated at 20 people killed.
That night, attacks on the border cities of Czechoslovakia went along the entire border with the Third Reich, and the forces of the Volunteer Corps, SA and SS took part in the attacks. For example, the Volunteer Corps captured the city of Ash, and the SS and SA detachments – Eger. The losses of the Czechoslovak side during these battles amounted to 110 people killed and 2029 captured and taken to the territory of the Third Reich.

Location: Hnanice, Czechoslovakia
Photo date: September 1938

In : 1938

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