The crew of the T-34-76 Marshal Choibalsan tank

tank Marshal Choibalsan

The crew of the Soviet tank T-34-76 Marshal Choibalsan (from the Revolutionary Mongolia tank convoy) and attached to it amphibious troops on vacation. The Kursk Bulge.

In the photo the T-34-76 nominal tank Marshal Choibalsan from the 112th Panzer Brigade of the 6th Panzer Corps of the 1st Panzer Army, General Katukov.
The Revolutionary Mongolia tank convoy was created with the funds of the Mongolian People’s Republic. On 12 January 1943, the 112th Red Banner Tank Brigade took the convoy (32 from T-34, 21 from T-70). The delegation of the Mongolian People’s Republic was headed by Marshal Horlogin Choibolsan himself.

The crew of the T-34-76 Marshal Choibalsan tank: tank commander Lieutenant I. M. Leushin, driver-sergeant Petr Tokarev and sergeant-gunner Sergeant P. M. Okunev.
Guards senior lieutenant, tank platoon commander Leushin Ivan Mikhailovich, born in 1918, a native of the Kirov region burned in a tank in Germany on March 2, 1945.




Photo place: Kursk
Date of the photo: 1943
Author: Arkady Khodov

In : 1943

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