The corpse of German general Friedrich Kussin

The corpse of German general Friedrich Kussin

Major General Friedrich Kussin (1895-1944) was the commandant of the garrison city of Arnhem. September 17, 1944 between 16 and 17 hours of his gray car “Citroen” was shot by soldiers from 5 Platoon 3 Parachute Battalion of the British Army. General Friedrich Kussin, his driver and his orderly were killed on the spot.

Photographer Dennis Smith made this famous shot of the day after the death of General Friedrich Kussin. By this time, over the murdered body mutilated, scalped him. In addition, the general broke off his uniform insignia, awards, and almost all the buttons.

Time taken: 18 September 1944
Author: Dennis M. Smith

Information about the photo Source:

In : 1944

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