The female commander of the tank company Senior Lieutenant Yevgenia Kostrikova

Lieutenant Yevgenia Kostrikova

The female commander of a tank company of the 5th Guards Mechanized Corps, Senior Lieutenant Yevgenia Kostrikova.

Evgeniya Kostrikova was the illegitimate daughter of Soviet politician Sergei Mironovich Kirov. Information about her life path is extremely scarce. It is known that as a military assistant in the 5th Guards Mechanized Corps, Yevgeny Kostrikova saved the lives of twenty-seven tankmen in a tank battle near Prokhorovka, while being wounded with a shell fragment on her right cheek. Was awarded the Order of the Red Star. After treatment in the hospital in the fall of 1943, Yevgeniya Kostrikova returned to her corps and continued as a tank company commander in the war. She met the Victory in Czechoslovakia.

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