The commander of the submarine K-3 captain-lieutenant Kuzma Malafeev

Kuzma Malafeev

Commander of the Soviet submarine K-3, Captain-Lieutenant K. Malafeev, near the periscope in the combat deckhouse.
Malafeev Kuzma Ivanovich was born in 1909. He participated in the Winter War of 1939-40 as part of the Baltic Fleet, the commander of the XIV submarine, the K-3 cruiser (May 1941-March 1943). In the period from March 14 to March 31, 1943 Kuzma Malafeev was killed with a submarine on a military campaign in the Porsanger-fjord region.
Submarine K-3 under the command of Malafeev on December 3, 1941 conducted the most effective artillery battle in the history of the Soviet submarine fleet – against three German ships, having sank one ship (UJ 1708) and injuring the other (UJ 1403).



Location: USSR
Date: 1942
Author: Evgeni Khaldei

In : 1942

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