The commander of the rifle battalion Vasily Romanenko talks about the combat affairs of a young scout – Valya Zhavoronkov

Valya Zhavoronkov

The commander of 1 infantry battalion of 147 Guards Rifle Regiment 49 Guards Rifle Division of the 2nd Ukrainian Front Guards Major Basil K. Romanenko (year of birth – 1910) tells the Yugoslav partisans and villagers Starcevo about the exploits of a young scout – Corporal Guard Valentin Zhavoronkov (year of birth – 1927 ). In 1941, near the city of Nikolayev, Valya Zhavoronkov joined the partisan detachment, and in September 1942 he voluntarily joined one of the units of the Red Army.



Location: Starchevo, Yugoslavia
Date: October 1944
Photo by Anatoly Egorov

In : 1944

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