The Chetniks kill a partisan, who are in their ambush

The Chetniks kill a partisan

The Chetniks killed a messenger of partisans who fell into their ambush.

In each detachment of the Chetniks there were so-called “kolyachs” (from the Serbian verb “kolati” – to cut), that is, the executioners who eliminated Tito’s partisans and in general those suspected of sympathizing with the communists. The execution was carried out exclusively with cold weapons. Later, in 1944, the Chetniks also dealt with captured Soviet soldiers and officers.

Picture taken November 13, 1943 north of the town of Užice in western Serbia. The security agencies of the Yugoslav People’s Liberation Army identified the killers. From left to right: Chedo Radovanovic, nicknamed “Komar” from the village of Godechevo, is killed by Gvozdan Jovanovic from the village of Varda and Ratko Vukosavlevich from the village of Dub (small villages in western Serbia). These “Kolyachi” were later liquidated by partisans from the communist Tito units. As for the deceased partisan, his name remained unknown.

Location: Serbia, Yugoslavia
Photo date: November 13, 1943

In : 1943

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