The B-29 bomber crew duplicates the drawing on the airplane

The B-29 bomber

The crew of the bomber B-29 Superfortress (serial number 42-24598) “Waddy’s Wagon” from the 869th Bomber Squadron of the 497th Bomber Group of the 73rd Bomber Wing of the 20th Air Force of the US Air Force.

This B-29 bomber participated in the first raid on Tokyo on November 24, 1944 and was the first to return to the Isely Feild base on Saipan Island.
From left to right: Captain Walter Waddy, co-pilot Lt. Jack Wetters, scorer Lt. John Ellis, navigator lieutenant Paul Harrison, radio operator Sergeant George Avon, flight engineer Lieutenant Bernard Black, flight engineer Sergeant Kenneth Mansy, gunner Sergeant Lawrence Lee, Wilbur Chapman, Corbett Carnegie and Joseph Gatto. All of them will die on January 9, 1945, when Waddy’s Wagon was shot down during a raid on the Nakajima aircraft plant in Musashino.

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