The arrival of the German U-604 submarine in Brest, France

U-604 submarine

The arrival of the German U-604 submarine (type VII-C, ordered May 22, 1940, launched on November 16, 1941, accepted into Kriegsmarine on January 8, 1942) at the base of the 9th submarine flotilla in Brest (France) after the end of 2 th combat patrol. On the conning tower of the submarine is drawn the emblem of the 9th flotilla – a laughing saw-fish.

Pennants on the wheelhouse show the number of sunk ships – there were three of them (all under the flag of Great Britain). October 27, 1942 – tanker Anglo Mærsk (7705 tons); October 30, 1942 – the sea transport vessel President Doumer (11898 tons) and the steamer Baron Vernon (3642 tons). All of these vessels were part of the SL-125 sea convoy.

In the foreground to the right is the commander of the 9th Flotilla of Kriegsmarine, Lieutenant Commander Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock.

Location: Brest, France
Photo date: November 05, 1942

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