Team of the 100-mm gun of the Soviet S-13 submarine

S-13 submarine

On the deck of the Soviet C-13 submarine about 100-mm gun his team (from left to right): minder 1st foreman P.G. Zubkov, steering-signalman sailor N.K. Goncharov, senior hold senior sailor G.E. Bystrov, N.D. Nekryty, commander of the department of commandants, foreman of the 2nd article A.G. Pikhur, V.N. Sorokin and sonar I.R. Shevtsov.

 S-13 submarine made 4 military campaigns. Sank 5 transport vessels with a total displacement of 44.138 gross. (including the January 30, 1945 sea liner “Wilhelm Gustlov”), damaged 1 trawler.

Location: Turku, Finland
Photo Time: April-May 1945

In : 1945

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