T-34 medium tanks in the Nazi Wehrmacht


Captured by the Germans, Soviet T-34-76 medium tanks were supplied by them in order of Panzerwaffe. German mechanics have made the modernization of T-34 tanks: set a commander turrets of Pz.III, improving visibility (one of the shortcomings of the Soviet T-34 medium tank), a gun supplied with a flame arrester, added to the board box, set the lights on the left, a machine gun MG-34, installed radio station.
T-34 – Soviet medium tank during the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany. T-34 medium tank was produced commercially from 1940. T-34 medium tank was the primary tank of the Red Army to the first half of 1944, before joining the army modifications of T-34-85. Since 1944, all the T-34 with a 76-mm gun received the designation T 34/76. T-34 – the most massive medium tank of World War II.

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