Sydir Kovpak and Sumy guerrilla unit headquarters discuss upcoming military operation

Sydir Kovpak

Sydir Kovpak and the headquarters of the Sumy partisan formation discusses the upcoming sabotage operation in the rear of the Nazi Wehrmacht.
In the center of the photo, near the map, are the commander of the partisan formation Sydir Artemovych Kovpak and the commissar Semyon Rudnev. In the foreground, one of the partisans is typing something.

By the beginning of 1942, the Sumy partisan unit (Partisan unit of the Sumy region, Ukraine) included four units – Putivl, Glukhovsky, Shalyginsky and Krolevetsky and operated in the northern regions of Sumy region and in the adjacent territory of the RSFSR and BSSR. As a result of his actions, an extensive partisan territory was created, on the territory of which by the summer of 1942 there were 24 detachments and 127 groups (about 18 thousand partisans).
Sydir Kovpak (1887-1967) – Soviet military leader, statesman and public figure. During the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union against the Third Reich, he was the commander of the Putivl partisan detachment (later the Sumy partisan unit, and even later the 1st Ukrainian partisan division), a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Major General.

Sydir Kovpak – Twice Hero of the Soviet Union.

Location: Sumy region, Ukraine, USSR
Photo Time: 1942
Photo by: Weinerovsky

In : 1942

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