SS soldiers convoy Jews during the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto

SS soldiers

Soldiers of the SS convoy captive civilians – Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. The liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto after the uprising.

SS soldiers photo from the report of Jürgen Stroop to Heinrich Himmler in May 1943. The German original title reads: “Forcibly pushed out of the shelter.” One of the most famous photographs of the Second World War. People identified in the photo:

1) The boy in the foreground is not defined, possibly: Arthur Dab Simyatek, Levi Zelinvarger (next to the mother Chana Zelinvarger) or Zvi Nussbaum.
2) Khanka Lamet is a little girl on the left.
3) Matilda Lamet Goldfinger – mother of Khanka (second from left).
4) Leo Kartuzinski – in the background a young man with a white sack on his shoulder.
5) Golda Stavarovski – in the background, the first woman on the right, with a raised one hand.
6) Josef Blösche, a famous Nazi executioner – an SS-man with a submachine gun (second from right).


Source of information about the SS soldiers WW2 photo:



Location: Warsaw, Poland
Date: April 19, 1943 – May 16, 1943

In : 1943

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