SS and police chief Odilo Globochnik escorts train with settlers from Volhynia

Odilo Globochnik

The head of the SS and police in Lublin County (and the main representative of the German government for the resettlement of ethnic Germans from Volhynia) Odilo Lothar Ludwig Globochnik, (1904-1945, right) escorts a train with settlers from Volhynia.
Odilo Lothar Ludwig Globochnik was the representative of the SS Reichsfuhrer for the creation of a SS structure and concentration camps in the territory of occupied Poland. He directly directed the creation of the Belzec, Majdanek and Sobibor death camps in the vicinity of Lublin, as well as Treblinka.


Source of information about the photo:
1. Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1990-087-10



Location: Volyn, Poland
Date: 1940

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In : 1940

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