Soviet submarine Shch-203 in the naval base

submarine Shch-203

Soviet submarine of Black Sea Fleet of the Red Navy the Shch-203 in the naval base.
The photo is interesting in the presence of a co-pilot in the Soviet submarine, which determines the height of the sun with the help of sextant.

Shch-203 the Soviet submarine:

Shch-203 – Soviet diesel-electric torpedo submarine of Second World War, belongs to the V-bis series of project Shchuka. When building a submarine was named Flounder.
The Shch-203 Soviet submarine was part of Black Sea Fleet.

Service Shch-203 the Soviet submarine:

The Soviet submarine of the Red Army Navy performed 18 military campaigns, but had no victories, was sunk on August 26, 1943 by Italian submarine CB-4. Discovered by divers in 1949 in area of ​​Cape Uret.


Commander Shch-203 Soviet submarine:

Engineer Captain 3rd Rank V. I. Nemchinov.


Interesting facts about Shch-203 Soviet submarine:

On Soviet submarine Shch-203 Leonid Osipenko, future commander of the first Soviet nuclear submarine Lenin Komsomol, was in service.

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