Soviet soldiers cross Sivash in December 1943

Soviet soldiers cross Sivash

“The transfer of ammunition through Sivash to the Crimean land. December 1943 »- a signature under a photograph in the exposition of the Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the city of St. Petersburg.

Soviet soldiers use two pontoon boats from the light pontoon park of NLP. The pontoon boat is foldable, made of multilayer bakelite plywood. The size in the unfolded state is 7,15х1,9х0,85 m. Weight is 450 kg. Carrying capacity on water of 5 tons, it is possible to transport 25 soldiers in full ammunition.

The operation to cross the Sivash began on November 1, 1943. The fighting for holding the bridgehead continued until April 1944, before the offensive began on the liberation of the Crimea.



Location: Crimea, Russia
Date: 1943

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