Soviet servicemen greet the arriving American soldiers on the Elbe river (Elba Day)

Soviet servicemen, American soldiers

Meeting on the Elbe river (Elba Day). Soviet soldiers of the Red Army on the riverbank greet the arriving American army.
In the Soviet servicemen photo: Polina Nekrasova, Grigory Goloborodko, nurse Lyubov Kozinchenko, Alexander Gordeev, Anatoly Ivanov and others.
In the photo, American soldiers (from left to right) are Bob Haag, Ed Ruff, Carl Robinson and Byron Shiver.


Source of Soviet servicemen:


Source of information about the Soviet servicemen photo:
1. S. Krasil’shchik. “Meeting on the Elbe.” 1988



Location: Germany
Date: April 1945
Author: Alexander Ustinov

In : 1945

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