Soviet sailors inspects the Junkers Ju-88 bomber in the Klimkovka river valley

Junkers Ju-88

Soviet sailors inspect the fuselage of a downed German Junkers Ju-88A-5 bomber with the flight code 4D + RN (WNr. J88.005039) of II./KF30 of the Luftwaffe.
Junkers Ju-88 did not return from the assignment on September 29, 1941. The pilot of the corporal Heinz Wendt, the navigator of the corporal Josef Marquardt, the radio operator of the corporal Jakob Merzenik and the side shooters Heinz Hartmann were captured. Valley of the Klimkovka River (Klimovka), Lovozersky District of the Murmansk Region.

In the late afternoon isle Maliy Oleniy.

Source of photo information:

  1. Newspaper “Buryat-Mongol truth” No. 01 (7563) of January 1, 1942

Location: USSR
Date: October 1941
Photo by Yevgeny Chaldea

In : 1941

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