Soviet sailors are preparing for a shot 1-N three-tube torpedo tube

1-N torpedo tube

Sailors of the Soviet destroyer Project 7 on the torpedo vehicle 1-N during the training session.
Sailors are preparing to fire a rotary 1-N three-tube torpedo caliber 533-mm.

The torpedo apparatus 1-N consisted of three torpedo tubes with dissolution of the outer tubes of 7 ° and was installed on the Soviet destroyers of Project 7 on a deck in the diametric plane. A special feature of this torpedo tube was the combined shooting system – powder and pneumatic.




Source of information about the photo:
1. Balakin S.A. Legendary “Seven”. Destroyers of the “Stalinist” series – M .: Collection, Yauza, EKIMO, 2007. – 208 p .: ill. (page 27)

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