Soviet pilots participating in the air parade on August 18, 1946

Soviet pilots

Soviet pilots of Po-2 (U-2) biplanes – participants of the air parade in Tushino, Moscow, on August 18, 1946 in honor of the Day of the Air Fleet of the USSR. The planes were in the line in the form of a star (photo in the center) – portraits of the pilots are located in accordance with the place of each in this formation.
Photo from the family archive of Soviet pilot Petr Nikolaevich Zubarev (1923-1972). Military pilot, first class pilot. He went through the whole war. I flew on the plane Po-2 (U-2). During the fighting, he was awarded two Orders of the Red Star, two Orders of the Red Banner and the Order of the Patriotic War.



Location: Moscow, USSR
Date: August 1946

In : 1946

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