Soviet pilot, navigator Victor Popov, gives food to pigeons

Victor Popov

The navigator Soviet pilot Victor Popov gives food to the pigeons during a break between aerial battles. Author’s name of the photo: In a break between fights. Kalinin Front.

Viktor Vasilievich Popov – navigator of the 263rd Fighter Aviation Regiment, Captain. Born in 1913, in the Red Army from 1931, participant in the Soviet-Finnish war (seriously injured on February 28, 1940).

Soviet pilot Victor Popov Since June 22, 1941 in the army. Senior Lieutenant Viktor Popov by August 1942 made 103 combat sorties on the Bryansk, Kalinin, Volkhov and Western fronts. As navigator of the regiment for courage, courage and heroism displayed in air battles, during aerial reconnaissance and during the storming of enemy troops, he was awarded: the Medal for Courage (June 26, 1942) and the two Orders of the Red Banner (July 23 and 14 August 1942). He finished the Great Patriotic War with the pilot of the 523rd Fighter Aviation Orsha Red Banner Orders of Kutuzov and Alexander Nevsky Regiment. He made 149 sorties, in air battles he personally shot down 7 enemy planes and 5 in the group. November 03, 1944 was awarded the medal For Military Merit, May 30, 1945 Order of the Patriotic War II degree.




Photo place: Sovetskaya Rossiya
Date of the photo: 1943
Author: Olga Ignatovich


Sources of information about the Soviet pilot:

In : 1943

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