Soviet pilot Lt. Petr Grishchenko in the cockpit of the Yak-7 fighter

Soviet pilot Lt. Petr Grishchenko

The future Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot of the 32nd Fighter Aviation Regiment (256th Fighter Division, 5th Fighter Corps, 2nd Air Army, 1st Ukrainian Front) Lieutenant Peter Grishchenko in the cockpit of the Yak-7 fighter. By this time, the pilot shot down 8 enemy aircraft.

Petr Lukyanovich Gryshchenko – participant of the Great Patriotic War since 1943. He took part in the Battle of Kursk, the liberation of Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, the Berlin operation. During the war years, the squadron commander Captain Pyotr Grishchenko made 380 sorties, conducted 78 air battles, personally shot down 27 enemy aircraft and one balloon.



Location: Ukraine, USSR
Date: 1943

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