Soviet pilot from the 29th GIAP Major Andrey Chirkov

Soviet pilot Major Andrey Chirkov

Soviet pilot, future Hero of the Soviet Union assistant commander of the 29th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment for the air-shooting service of the Guard Major Andrey Chirkov next to the Yak-7 fighter.

Pilot Chirkov Andrei Vasilyevich – participant of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940, the Great Patriotic War from the first days. It was the fighter pilot Chirkov attributed the first victory won by Leningrad pilots – on June 23, 1941 he shot down a German bomber Heinkel He-111. Guard Major Andrey Chirkov by June 1943 made 389 combat sorties, in 60 air battles personally shot down 18 (including, committed one ram) and in the group of 9 enemy aircraft. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union will be awarded in February 1944.

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