Soviet Pegasus attack aircraft during factory tests

Pegasus attack aircraft

Soviet attack aircraft “Pegasus” during the factory tests. In the photo – “version 04”, which was tested in a shortened program in July 1943. The results of the tests recognized improved visibility and increased maneuverability compared to previous versions, there was the possibility of flying on one motor.

This “Pegasus” attack aircraft was developed at the end of the summer of 1942 under the supervision of designer DL. Tomashevich in TsKB-29 of the NKVD. From the description of the aircraft: “In the existing conditions it is necessary and possible to create an aircraft designed to solve only one task – the destruction of tanks and mobile troops, having such a simple design that the design and construction of experimental vehicles will take no more than three months. By August 1, 1943, it will be possible to build 15,000 such aircraft, without a noticeable strain of industry and almost without the loading of subcontractors. The basic idea behind the proposed aircraft is to exclude from the design everything that is intended to solve other problems, to leave only the minimum that is necessary for the destruction of tanks. “

Tests “Pegasus” attack aircraft ended in the summer of 1943, when the need for such an aircraft disappeared. “Pegasus” in mass production was not launched.



Location: Omsk, USSR
Date: July 21, 1943

In : 1943

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