Soviet peasant women from the village of Akimovka

Soviet peasant

Soviet peasant women from the village of Akimovka. Winter of 1942-43 years. Kaluga region, USSR.
The author of the photo Asmus Remmer was born in 1909 in Germany. He worked as a photographer, was the owner of his own studio with a photo lab, one of the first to master the color photo. From 1940 to 1945 he served in the Wehrmacht as a regimental communications officer, in 1942-1943. participated in the fighting in the USSR, then in France. In May 1945, I was sent to an American prisoner of war camp. The photographs taken by Asmus Remmer in the occupied Kaluga region of the USSR represent works of art in the field of portrait, genre and landscape photography.



Location: Kaluga, USSR
Date: winter 1943
Author: Asmus Remmer

In : 1943

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