Soviet light cruiser Chervona Ukraine two hours before the death

cruiser Chervona Ukraine

The light cruiser of the Black Sea Fleet “Chervona Ukraine” (until December 26, 1926 “Admiral Nakhimov”) two hours before the death.
On November 12, 1941, a number of air raids by enemy aircraft were carried out on the cruiser standing in Grafskaya Quay of Sevastopol. The first wave involved 28 Luftwaffe dive bombers. At 11.00 the cruiser received two aerial bombs. At 12.24 three more bombs exploded in the immediate vicinity of its side. The bow of the “Chervona Ukraine” sank noticeably into the water, but the ship continued to fight and stay afloat. A total of 70 people died on the ship. Air raids continued until dark, but no more bombs reached the target. The crew did everything possible to save the cruiser, but after two huge holes in the right and left sides in the interior of the ship penetrated about three thousand tons of water. On the night of November 13, the roll on the port side reached a critical 40 °, and the commander of the “Chervona Ukraine” Captain II rank N. Zaruba ordered to leave the ship. At four o’clock in the morning, when the last longboat departed from the cruiser, the ship lay down on the bottom of the South Bay.



Location: Sevastopol, USSR
Date: 12 November 1941

In : 1941

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