Soviet howitzer B-4MM fires at the Battle of Moscow


The long-range gun 203mm howitzer of the 1931 model of the B-4MM under the command of the senior sergeant G. Fedorovsky is firing during the counter-offensive in the Battle of Moscow – a signature under the photograph in the exposition of the Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps of the RF Ministry of Defense in the city of St. Petersburg.

203mm howitzer of the 1931 sample of the B-4MM (low power), in contrast to the B-4BM, had a shorter barrel length and other differences. In the presented photo the artillery soldiers brought a 203-mm round-loading shot to the howitzer on a cart. Closer to the photographer lies a cartridge case into which bags of gunpowder were placed.



Location: Moscow region, USSR
Date: 1941

In : 1941

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