Soviet fighter pilot, squadron commissioner Vyacheslav Bashkirov

Vyacheslav Bashkirov

Soviet fighter pilot, commissar of the squadron, future Hero of the Soviet Union Vyacheslav Bashkirov.

Vyacheslav Filippovich Bashkirov (1915-2001). He was born in the village of Ivanin, Lgovsky (now Kurchatov) district of the Kursk region, in the family of a peasant. In 1940, after the end of the All-Union Industrial Institute, he was mobilized in the ranks of the Red Army. In 1941 he graduated from the Chuguev Military Aviation School of Pilots, he studied with Ivan Kozhedub and was his best graduate. Then he graduated from the courses of military commissars in the city of Bataysk in the Rostov region.

On the fronts of the Great Patriotic War since 1941. He served in the air defense units of the squadron commander, deputy regiment commander for the political section. Especially distinguished himself in the battles for Stalingrad – 130 sorties, sometimes 5-6 sorties a day. In February 1943, V.F. Bashkirov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. In the summer of 1943 he also distinguished himself in battles in the Kursk region.

He made 312 successful sorties, shot down 18 enemy aircraft. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner (twice), the Patriotic War of the 1st degree (twice), the Red Star, medals.



Location: Stalingrad, USSR
Date: 1942

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