Soviet crew of A 20 Boston bomber

A-20 Boston

Soviet crew of A 20 Boston bomber of the US production. The commander – deputy regiment commander, Major General George A. Osipov. A 20 Boston bomber of the 221 th Bomber BAKHMACH Order of Suvorov Air Division, the 6th mixed Lublin The Red Air Corps (which is why on the aircraft such emblem), the 16th Air Army, Belorussian Front.

US A-20 Boston Bombers (Douglas A-20 Havoc/DB-7 Boston) were supplied to the Soviet Union in large numbers under the Lend-Lease Act, and have shown themselves excellent fighting machines that respect and in aviation and ground forces.



Time taken: 1944



Source of the war image of A 20 Boston: Family archive of V.G. Osipov.

In : 1944

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