Soviet cameramen in Sevastopol

Soviet cameramen

Soviet cameramen Vladislav Mikosha and Dmitry Rymarev in the combat raid. Sevastopol. 1942.

During the war years, from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea, 252 Soviet front-line cameramen filmed. In the battles killed one in five of them. Almost all survivors are injured or shell-shocked. One of those who lived to the Victory is Vladislav Mikosha. The war for him is first of all the Black Sea Fleet – his love, and Sevastopol is his pain. First there was the defense of Odessa, then – Sevastopol. On Malakhov Kurgan, at the Kherson airport, on the Leshchenko battery and in the 7th Marine Brigade, on ships and hunter boats and in the raid of the legendary Sevastopol armored train, there were two friends everywhere, two cameramen Dmitry Rymarev and Vladislav Mikosha.



Location: Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia
Date: 1942

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