Soviet artillery guardsmen in German helmets

Soviet artillery in German helmets

Artillerymen of the 144th Infantry Regiment of the 49th Guards Rifle Division. In the foreground is depicted commander of artillery of the 144th Infantry Regiment Alexander Monakhov and two platoon commanders.
The photo is interesting because Soviet artillery guardsmen are dressed in German helmets.

According to the veteran of this division, V.V. Voitsekhovich, in the first days after the victory, the regiment’s leadership decided to hold a parade. And since all Soviet helmets were not enough, so the regiment’s leadership ordered to put on German helmets with painted red stars.

The parade took place in the forest in the vicinity of Linz, and after this parade German helmets in the regiment were never used again.




Place of photo: Austria
Date Photo Date: May 1945
Author: Anatoly Lambros



Source: archive of the 49th Guards Rifle Division.

In : 1945

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