Soviet A-20 Boston torpedo bombers over Berlin

Soviet A-20G «Boston» torpedo bombers over Berlin

Soviet torpedo bombers from the field modifications of A-20G Boston from 51 th Regiment mine and torpedo of the Red Army in the sky over Berlin. In the center – Boston A-20G-30-DO N5 (43-9561). In the right part of the picture – the left engine of the second A-20 Boston.
Photo from the photo archive of the Soviet regiment commander Orlenko. On the back of the photo caption: “Germany. Aerodrome of Kolberg. Flight to Berlin. May 28, 1945. Remember, a friend from flight school at the national war and other joint issues – Gregory Chekanov (N5 plane). Volosovo – Leningrad. 14 September 1945”.



Photography Location: Berlin, Germany
Time taken: 28 May 1945

In : 1945

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