Solemn meeting of the Soviet K-21 submarine from the fifth combat campaign

K-21 submarine

Solemn meeting of the K-21 submarine of the Northern Navy of the USSR, which returned from the fifth military campaign.
In the center of the photo is the commander of the K-21 submarine Hero of the Soviet Union, Captain 3rd Rank Nikolai Aleksandrovich Lunin. More to the right is the famous photojournalist Robert Diament, who is filming this event.

The fifth combat campaign of the submarine K-21 lasted from 18 to 23 August 1942 and took place in the Lopp Sea. During the campaign, the submarine set up a minefield No. 42 near the island of Sillen and made two torpedo attacks of the German naval convoy from one transport vessel and two guard ships. According to the Kriegsmarine, there was no loss on their part.

Source: City Museum of Local History, Polyarny.

Location: Polyarny, Murmansk region, USSR
Date: August 23, 1942

In : 1942

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