Solemn descent of the battleship Tirpitz to the water

battleship Tirpitz

Solemn descent of the battleship of the Nazi Kriegsmarine “Tirpitz” to the water on April 1, 1939.

“Tirpitz” is the second battleship of the “Bismarck” type, which was part of the Kriegsmarine. He practically did not take part in the hostilities, but his presence in Norway threatened Arctic convoys in the USSR and hampered the considerable forces of the British fleet. Attempts to destroy the Tirpitz battleship continued for more than two and a half years. The British periodically managed to disable the ship, but their efforts were crowned with complete success only in November 1944 after an air attack by the Tallboy superheavy bombs. Details of the Tirpitz battleship are still in the military museums of the world.


Location: Germany
Date: April 1, 1939

In : 1939

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