German soldiers from the Großdeutschland division are loaded onto rafts for evacuation from East Prussia

Soldiers from the Großdeutschland

German soldiers from the “Großdeutschland” division of the Nazi Wehrmacht are loaded on homemade rafts to cross the Frisches-Huff Bay (now Kaliningrad Bay). Balga Peninsula, Kalholz Cape.

At the end of March 1945, the Großdeutschland division, which was threatened with final destruction by the advancing Soviet troops, was evacuated from the Balga peninsula. In the evacuation participated amphibious flotillas, sappers, paratroopers, General Henke, transports from Pillau. But this was not enough and, leaving all the equipment and heavy weapons on the peninsula, the remnants of the division were shipped across the bay on homemade rafts, old boats and empty barrels.



Location: East Prussia, Germany
Date: March 1945

In : 1945

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