Sniper Rosa Shanina with her rifle in the village of Stolyarishki

Rosa Shanina

Russian sniper Rosa Shanina with Mosin-Nagant with a rifle with a sniper scope in the village of Stolyariska.
Sniper Rosa Shanina in the active units of the Red Army from April 2, 1944. On her account 54 confirmed destroyed soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht, including 12 enemy snipers.
Rosa Shanina Knight of the Order of Glory 2 and 3 degrees.
She was killed in battle on January 28, 1945, 3 km south-east of the village of Ilmsdorf, Rihau County, East Prussia.



Location: Stolerishki, Lithuania, USSR
Date: 1944
Author: A. Fridlyansky



Source: “Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore”.

In : 1944

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