Monkey picture: Sergeant Alan Cameron from the 3rd Squadron of the Australian Air Force in the cockpit with his talisman – Buzz Monkey

Sergeant Alan Cameron, Buzz Monkey

Monkey picture: In the photo, the pilot of the 3rd Squadron of the Australian Royal Air Force (3 Squadron R.A.A.F) Sergeant Alan Cecil Cameron (born in 1912), nicknamed “Tiny” Cameron, with his talisman, a monkey by the name Buzz.
Alan Cameron scored 6 confirmed air victories.
Alan Cameron was hit three times. The first time was on November 30, 1941, but was saved by another pilot, Major Peter Jeffrey (Squadron Leader Peter Jeffrey). The second time was December 9, 1941, but got to its airfield on its own three to five days after, although it was considered dead. The last time Alan Cameron was shot down on January 10, 1942 and captured, was released May 8, 1945.

Location: Libya
Date of the photo: 1942

In : 1942

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