Second Lieutenant Alexei Dobrynin from the 2nd Polish Army

Second Lieutenant Alexei Dobrynin

Lieutenant Alexei Dobrynin, commander of a battery of 76-mm cannons from the 38th artillery regiment of the 7th Infantry Division of the 2nd Polish Army.

Alexei Nikolayevich Dobrynin was born on August 25, 1922 in the village of Trostyanka in the Balashov district of the Saratov region in a peasant family. In the Soviet Army since July 3, 1941. April 18, 1942 he graduated from the Odessa Infantry School  K.E. Voroshilov in the rank of lieutenant in the city of Uralsk.

On the front, Alexei Dobrynin fell on October 13, 1943 in the 206 rifle regiment 99 of the Rifle Division, the 1st Ukrainian Front commander of the battery of 120-mm regimental mortars. December 26, 1943 in the battles for the city Radomyshl was seriously wounded in the head. After the cure, he was sent to the 2nd House of the People’s Commissariat of Defense, from where he was sent to the city of Kirovobad (Azerbaijan) to retrain from the mortar gunner to the artillery officer in the 720th artillery officer training regiment. After retraining he was sent to the Polish Army, where he served as commander of a battery of 76-mm cannons of the 38th Artillery Regiment, 7th Infantry Division of the 2nd Polish Army. Participated in the Berlin operation on the Drezdnensky direction. The war ended in Czechoslovakia on May 11, 1945.

He was awarded the Order of the Cross of the Brave, the Cross of Merit, medals for Military Merit, For the Oder, Nissa, the Baltic, Victory and Freedom, the Grunwald badge, the Order of the Patriotic War of the First Class, two Orders of the Red Army stars, medals For Military Merit, “For Labor Valor”. In 1974, in the service of service in the Red Army, was discharged to the reserve in the rank of colonel. Now Alexei Dobrynin lives in the city of Smolensk.


Location: Poland
Date: September 1944

In : 1944

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