Scouts of the 27th Guards Division


A group of reconnaissance scouts of the 27th Guards Rifle Division.
Scouts stand from left to right: Merkulov – wounds; Vasily Zakamaldin; Senior Lieutenant Zhuravlev – went to school; -?; Leonid Kazachenko – was wounded;
Scouts sit from left to right: Alexey Solodovnikov; Vorobyov – the company’s medical officer, was wounded; Nikolai Pluzhnikov – was killed in Poland in repulsing an attack on the headquarters of the division; ? – was lost;)
The photo of Scouts was taken in Poland in the summer of 1944. From the personal archive of Vladimir Fedorovich Buhenko, who also served as a scout in this division.


Place of photo: Poland
Date of the photo: 1944



Source of Scouts: personal archive of V.F. Buchenko.

In : 1944

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