Sanitary instructor Valentina Milyunas

Valentina Milyunas

Valentina Milyunas, a medical orderly from the Soviet 125th Infantry Regiment of the 43rd Guards Latvian Division of the Red Army.
From the book by Andrei Eremenko “Years of retribution. 1943-1945 »:
“In the future, the 43rd Latvian Guards Division, advancing somewhat north of Daugavpils, took the railway station of Vishka; the battle here was very stubborn, since, entrenched in strong station buildings, Hitler’s soldiers fought fatal fire on the Red Army. The soldiers lay down. It was at this moment that Valentina Milyunas rose and with an exclamation: “Forward, for native Latvia!” – rushed to the enemy. Dozens of other warriors followed her, but an enemy bullet struck down the heroine. Everyone thought she was killed. With the thought of revenge for the death of a young patriot new units of Soviet soldiers rushed. Suddenly Valentina Milyunas got up and, waving a red flag, again began to call the soldiers ahead of the enemy. The Nazis were knocked out of the railway station. Wounded heroine picked up her friends – nurse. The red flag was a kerchief impregnated with her blood. Valentina Milunas was admitted to the Communist Party and was awarded a high government award”.

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