Soviet sailors of theRed Navy submarine B-2 wash the dishes

submarine B-2

Soviet sailors of the Red Navy submarine of the Baltic Fleet B-2 (until 1922, the “Panther”, until 1934 “Commissioner”) were washing dishes.

Submarine B-2 joined the Baltic Fleet in 1915, participated in the First World War. The successful attack by this submarine of the English destroyer Vittoria on August 31, 1919, was the first victory of Soviet submariners.
The Great Patriotic War B-2 met as part of the Independent Training Division of submarines. But even without being a warship, the B-2 continued to inflict damage to the enemy – on September 23, 1941, when the Luftwaffe attacked Kronstadt, an enemy bomber was shot down with artillery fire from the B-2 submarine.



Location: Leningrad, USSR
Date: 1942

In : 1942

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