Sailors of the Northern Navy guard the prisoners Gebirgsjäger


Seamen of the Northern Soviet Navy guard convoy of German prisoners Gebirgsjäger.

German mountain troops – Gebirgs-truppe – belonged to the category of elite units. The 2nd and 3rd German mountain divisions (2. Gebirgs-Division, 3. Gebirgs-Division) were part of the offensive on Murmansk as part of the Norway mountain rifle corps (since July 1942-1919) in the German Norway army (Since January 15, 1942 – “Lapland”, since June 22, 1942 – 20 th mountain division). Both these divisions were formed after the Anschluss of Austria, mainly from ethnic Austrians. By mid-October 1941, a reinforced 6th Mountain Division had been transferred from Murmansk to Greece. In February 1942, the 7th Gebirgs Division arrived here from the Balkans.



Place of photo: Murmansk
Author: Evgeni Khaldei

In : Unknown

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