Russian sniper Sergei Vezberdev

Sergei Vezberdev

Russian Sniper from the 83rd Guards Rifle Division Guard Sergeant Sergei Georgievich Vezberdev.

The sniper of the infantry company of the 136th Infantry Regiment, the Red Army soldier Sergei Georgievich Vezberdev (born in 1918, in the Red Army from 1941), the student of the initiator of the snipers movement in the 97th formation of Nikifor Samsonovich Afanasyev (future Hero of the Soviet Union), by September 1942 He destroyed 58 Nazis, for which he was awarded the medal “For Courage” on October 9, 1942.

Sergei Vezberdev’s personal account grew rapidly. Already on November 12, 1942, the Sovinformbureau report noted: “Snipers of the N-th compound destroyed 1947 Germans within a month. Sniper comrade Afanasyev destroyed – 119, sniper comrade Vezberdev – 106 Nazis. ” Reiterated his name sounded in the message Sovinformburo from April 08, 1943: “Sniper S. Vezberdev, in repulsing the enemy’s attack, destroyed 12 Germans, suppressed the machine-gun fire and, besides, captured four Hitlerites.” By this time, sergeant Vezberdev was awarded the Order of the Red Star (2.03.43) and the Mongolian order “Polar Star”, handed to him in December 1942 by the head of the government of Mongolia, Marshal Choibolsan.



Date of the photo: 1944
Author: Mikhail Savin

In : 1944

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