Romanian submarine «Delfinul» in Constanţa

submarine Delfinul

Romanian submarine «Delfinul» in Constanţa.
The submarine “Delfinul” was ordered from the Third Shipbuilding Program of the Royal Romanian Navy (1926-1928) in Italy to the shipbuilding company “Cantieri Navali di Cuarnaro” in Fiume (now the Croatian port of Rijeka).
After the construction of the boat was not part of the Royal Romanian Navy, and in Regina Marina of Italy. Due to the severe financial crisis, Romania was able to buy back the ship only in April 1936 and on May 9, the Delfinul was finally transferred to the Romanians. During the war in 1941-1944, “Delfinul” repeatedly went on military campaigns to the Soviet coast, but failed to achieve success. Seized as a trophy by Soviet troops on September 12, 1944 in the Danube port of Izlas and on September 14, 1944 became part of the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR. October 20, 1944 was renamed to “TC-3”. On October 12, 1945, she was returned to Romania in Galati, and in April 1946, again under the name “Delfinul” entered the ranks of the Romanian fleet.



Location: Constanţa, Romania
Date: February 1940

In : 1940

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