Rescued American sailors aboard USS Menges DE-320

Rescued American sailors

American sailors rescued from the submerged “Lansdale” destroyer (USS Lansdale DD-426) were preparing to receive new clothes after they were given first aid and were cleaned of fuel oil aboard the “Menges” US Coast Guard ( in the Mediterranean.

Lansdale was sunk on April 20, 1944 by German aircraft (two torpedoes from Junkers U-88 aircraft) in the same episode when tanker Paul Hamilton (SS Paul Hamilton) was sunk

In total, the USS Menges DE-320 lifted 119 sailors from Landsdale on board; 49 sailors died. No one escaped from Paul Hamilton.

Pictured from left to right: James P. Dewey, Radioman Third Class; unknown rescued; Elmer C. Hoffman, TM 2c; sailor Virgil B. Mathis; two unknown rescued american sailors.

Location: Mediterranean Sea
Photo date: April 20, 1944
Photo by: Arthur Green

In : 1944

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