Representatives of the prosecutor’s office of Soviet Estonia near the dead prisoners of the Klooga concentration camp

Representatives of the prosecutor's office of Soviet Estonia near the dead prisoners of the Klooga concentration camp


Representatives of the prosecutor’s office of the Soviet Republic of Estonia about the bodies of the dead prisoners of the Nazi concentration camp Klooga.
Klooga Concentration Camp was located in Harju County, Keila Parish (35 km from Tallinn).

From the protocol of the inspection of the concentration camp of September 29, 1944: “At 700 m north of the camp, on a clearing 27 m from the forest road, four campfires are located at a distance of 4 m from each other, of which the first are cooked and the rest three burnt. The area of ​​fires is 6 by 6.5 m. Bonfires consist of 6 logs laid on the ground, across which are laid a number of poles, which in turn are laid a row of 75 cm pine, spruce logs. Four poles hammered into a quadrangle in the middle of the fire at a distance of 0.5 m from each other. The poles are rarely filled with thin logs, which, in all likelihood, should have depicted a pipe. On the burned three fires, the corners of the fires were preserved on the west side. On the lower layer of firewood lie corpses with a burnt lower body. The corpses are face down, some of them with arms hanging down. Two corpses with faces, hands closed, palms of hands tightly pressed to the face and eyes closed with fingers. From the preserved parts of the corpses, it is clear that at the stake the corpses were 17 each in the same row and there were 5 such rows at the stake, with the heads of the corpses of the second and following rows lying on the legs of the previous rows. On the first layer of corpses lies a layer of firewood, and on the firewood – the second layer of corpses. On the second and fourth fire two layers of corpses are visible, and on the third fire – three layers. The middle and eastern parts of the fires were completely burned out. On the remaining parts of the fires, 254 charred corpses can be separated, which is 20-25% of the total number of corpses on the fires”.


Source of photo information:




Location: Estonia, USSR
Date: September 29, 1944
Photo: Wayne Miller

In : 1944

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