Representatives of France are going to negotiate a truce with Germany

Representatives of France

Representatives of France are sent to the “Compiègne Wagon” (Wagon de l’Armistice) to negotiate a truce with representatives of Nazi Germany. On this very spot, in this very car on November 11, 1918, the Compiènian armistice, humiliating for Germany, was signed, which recorded the disgraceful defeat of Germany in World War I. The signing of a new Compiènian armistice at the same site, according to Hitler’s plan, was to symbolize Germany’s historic revenge. In order to roll out the car to a clearing, the Germans destroyed the wall of the museum where it was stored, and laid the rails to the historic site.



Photo place: Compiègne, Picardy, France
Date of the photo: 22 June 1940

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