Repair of German tanks in Moscow

Repair of German tanks in Moscow


War image of German tanks in Moscow.

Employees of the factory №37 in Moscow arrived to inspect the repair PzKpfw III medium tank of 36 tank regiment of the 14th Panzer Division of the Nazi Panzerwaffe. After repairing the tank goes into service of a Soviet tank units, staffed by captured German tanks.
Panzerkampfwagen III – German medium tank of World War II, commercially available from 1938 to 1943. Abbreviation of the tank were the PzKpfw III, Panzer III, Pz III. In the departmental military vehicles heading Nazi Germany, this tank had the designation Sd.Kfz. 141 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug 141 – special-purpose vehicle 141). In Soviet historical documents and popular literature PzKpfw III was known as Type 3, T-III or T-3.



Photography Location: Moscow
Time taken: April 1942

In : 1942

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