Red Army soldiers watching the ceremonial withdrawal of German troops from Brest

Red Army soldiers, German troops

During the invasion of Poland, the city of Brest (Brest-Litovsk) on September 14, 1939 was occupied by the 19th Wehrmacht’s motorized corps under the command of General Guderian. On September 20, 1939, Germany and the USSR agreed on a temporary demarcation line between their troops, Brest retreated to the Soviet zone.

On September 21, 1939, the 29th Separate Tank Brigade of the Red Army under the command of Semyon Krivosheinat entered Brest. During the negotiations between Krivoshein and Guderian, a procedure was adopted for the transfer of the city with the solemn withdrawal of German troops.

The withdrawal of German troops from Brest, in which the Red Army was present, is often called the “joint parade” of the German and Soviet troops, although there was no joint parade – the Soviet troops did not march through the city with the Germans. The myth of the “joint parade” is widely used in anti-Russian propaganda to prove the union of the USSR and Germany (which did not exist) and to identify Nazi Germany and the USSR.

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Location: Brest, Poland
Date: September 22, 1939
Photo by Vladimir Yudin

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