Red Army soldier Shirobokov met his sisters who escaped death

Red Army soldier Shirobokov

When the city of Karachev was liberated, Private Shirobokov met his sisters who had escaped death in the Nazi occupation. Their father and mother were shot by Wehrmacht soldiers.

Alexander Ivanovich Shirobokov (born in 1921), a serviceman of the 1267th anti-aircraft artillery regiment of the 17th anti-aircraft artillery division (in May 1944 he was a corporal, a fitter in the 1267th anti-aircraft artillery regiment).


Sources of information about the Red Army soldier Shirobokov photo:
1. Album “The Great Patriotic War” M., “Planet”, 1984, p. 238



Location: Karachev, Bryansk region, USSR
Date: August 1943
Photo by Arkady Shaikhet

In : 1944

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